The NSSGA Basic Sales Training Course continues its run of specialized training for sales and customer service people in the aggregates industry. This course is the only one of its kind that integrates sales skills with an aggregates overview. The four-day program offers valuable training and insights for anyone in the business who deals with customers.

The program’s greatest compliment is that generations of sales people attend this event, where sales managers that attended the course when they were starting out now send their sales people to ensure that they too have the base for effective selling practices.

Who should attend?

This course is designed for sales professionals who are new to the aggregates industry, or who are new to sales. The combination of sales training and aggregate technical review creates a bundle of information that will allow the sales person to leave the course with a better understanding of his or her job, and a plan to implement when they return to the office.

This course also offers an outstanding opportunity for all of the employees of a company to better understand their role and how they can think like people who have an impact on the way the company is perceived by customers and prospects. Anyone who interacts with the marketplace can gain from this experience. Suppliers to the industry also gain insights from hearing the challenges that their customers are facing every day. Through networking and course interaction, all of the students learn from the experiences of others and offer ideas to challenges that are faced by our industry every day.

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